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History and Wilderness Knowledge

We are putting together a class cookbook. Please add a recipe that is special to you and we will include it! Download the file below and fill in the recipe information.

Here is an Example of the recipe for the bread we have been making in class

October 26th Reflection:

Let us know how you are doing this week by clicking the link below!

Amazing job on the HAWK Tacos with fresh Mango Salsa today!


How are you feeling about school right now? Let us know with the link below!

We have has such a busy first month! We thought it would help to have a project page to help you decide what to do next. Click on the link below for our new PROJECTS page.

We want to know what your favorite meal is and just how bad for you it might be. Use an online calorie counter like https://www.webmd.com/diet/healthtool-food-calorie-counter and the describe your meal!

This last week we were introduced to the land and nature around the school, started practicing archery and fishing rod casting, started tying fishing flies and designing our own personal logos with 3D engineering software and much more.

We want to know how you are feeling after a week with HAWK. Please take a moment and fill out the FORM below and tell us about your first week with!

Welcome to History and Wilderness Knowledge (HAWK), the Place-Based Learning program designed to help students learn by being outside and experience everything this region has to offer.

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