What will you build next?

Drafting Projects:

Paper logo drafting, Computer 3D design, Orthographic Drawings, Knife Design

Leather Working:

3D Stamp, Leather Logo, Moccasins, Knife Sheath, Leather Dying, Leather Waxing, Leather Finishing, Leather Stitching


Cold hammering Iceman Knife, Hot-Forging wood-carving tools, Forging metal tools, High-Carbon tools, Forging metal tools, High-Carbon steel lab, High-Carbon steel knife forging, Knife Sharpening

Skill Development:

Archery, Hunting Skills, Knot Tying and Rope Skills, Wood Carving, Animal Skinning and Fleshing, Animal Calling, Fishing Rod Casting, Fly Tying, Bear Safety, Cartography, Swimming, Sewing, Aquaponics


Read a book! Create a book, Primary Sources, Teach a Lesson, Tell a Story, Understand multiple points of view, Reading – Writing – Listening Strategies, “My Place”, Critical Thinking, Identify Bias, Express an opinion with evidence.

Social Studies:

Iceman Knife, Aquaponics, World War II Project, Ethical Judgement, Canadian Identities, Advocacy for Human Rights, Domestic and International Conflicts/Cooperation, Forms of Governance, Political Ideologies and Institutions


Create a “Your recipe” page for our HAWK cookbook, Chef Knife training, Griddle training, Food-safety plans, Menu Planning, Knife Skills, Food-Safe

What skill do you want to develop?

Part of this course is taking learning into your own hands. If there is a skill you want to learn or develop, let us know and we can make a plan for you. Your class time should be meaningful and productive. Your time is valuable, so let us make every moment count!

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