Robotic Technology 10/11/12

April 6th Update: I have simplified the website to make it easier for everyone to use. If you have this page bookmarked, please go to the homepage to start instead.

  • Unfortunately First Robotics will not be happening for us this year. The good news is that opens up time for us to build some amazing projects that you will be able to take home with you!

  • Welcome to Robotic Technology!

In house competition #1: VEX EDR Sumo Robots!


Create a remote controlled robot that will remove your opponent’s robot from a sumo ring using VEX EDR

Custom programming will need to be made to control your robot to your specifacations

Design Constraints

Robot must be smaller than 16″ x 14″ with no height limit

Robot must be build only using the components found in your VEX EDR kit

Learning Outcomes

Ideating- Generate ideas to create a range of possibilities and add to others’ ideas in ways that create additional possibilities

Prototyping – Visualize and construct prototypes, making changes to tools, materials, and procedures as needed

Reflecting – Critically reflect on plans, products and processes, and identify new design goals

Design Challenge #2


Design a Robot using a Vex EDR Kit that will race down a track, make a 180* turn, then have the robot as a whole OR part of the robot cross a 3 foot wide finish line back at the starting line.

There will be obstacles and jumps along the track

Design Constraints

Must use Vex EDR Kit

Only PART of the robot needs to cross the finish line

Contact with other robots IS allowed

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply safety procedures for themselves, co-workers, and users in both physical and digital environments
  • Individually or collaboratively identify and assess skills needed for design interests
  • Demonstrate competency and proficiency in skills at various levels involving manual dexterity and complex robotics

Congratulations to everyone for such an awesome race. We had some very creative designs – some even finished the race with all their wheels!

Term 2 will be focused on micro-controllers and programming computer chips. We will be making one of three options for the final Robotics project.

Option 1: Water Piano and Arduino-powered passion project

Project scope – The water piano will cover the basics of custom circuit board creation and electronic component fundamentals and you end up with a fun little toy. The Arduino project will cover text coding in a C based computer language and micro-controller integration in electronics projects.

Option 2: Arcade Cabinet

Project Scope – The arcade cabinet will use legal software emulators and games driven by a Raspberry Pi computer. The project will focus on hardware integration and engineering when using computers.

Option 3: Student driven inquiry projects

This option will require the highest level of commitment and prior approval. Individual projects will be approved on a student by student basis.

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