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April 6th Update: I have simplified the website to make it easier for everyone to use. If you have this page bookmarked, please go to the homepage to start instead.


Welcome to Power Technologies 10!

Our shop is all about inquiry and project based learning with as many hands-on authentic experiences as possible. Our shop culture is based on respect and inclusive learning where everyone is welcome, regardless of previous knowledge.

Power Technologies 10 Big Ideas

  • Mechanical service begins with operator safety
  • Social, ethical, and sustainability considerations impact design
  • Complex tasks require the sequencing of skills

This year we have will be fully rebuilding 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines, then will tackle a mix of inquiry projects lead by the students. Check back often for our progress!

4-Stroke Engine Rebuild Troubleshooting

Compression Test

Compression under 100psi;

Do a dry then wet compression test

Check your Valve Adjustment

Check for leaking gaskets with the smoke/leak detector

Check Crank-shaft and Cam-shaft timing marks

Spark Test

No spark;

Test spark plug

Test spark plug wire and ignition coil

Check if ignition coil to flywheel spacing is 0.010″

Test kill switch circuit.

Fuel Test

WARNING: Gasoline is HIGHLY explosive. Check with the teacher before continuing

No fuel getting to engine; Check for gas

Check the fuel shut-off valve

Check the carburetor for clogged ports or jets

Check the needle and seat for damage.

Congratulations Everyone! The 4-stroke engines are coming along nicely. Amazing trouble-shooting shown by everyone.

Remember before you start your engine to check for compression and for spark. This will eliminate most of your no-start issues.

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